To share the love and joy of SUP/stand-up paddleboarding!

Who We Are

We are a boutique stand-up paddleboard (SUP) company with a big heart, and we love the work we do.

Our company is about the people, the bonding & the SUP community. It's about the new friends we meet both on & off the water, both on & off our boards. It's about the people we work with, our amazing customers, dealers & our family, friends & staff. It's about bringing people together, celebrating the SUP pioneers of the past & supporting those who carry it forward.

At Suplove, we are fully committed to the continued growth & development of this versatile & wonderful sport. Passionate about SUP's rich culture & ever-growing lifestyle, we embrace opportunities in which we can expand SUP's visibility & support its vibrant community of paddlers... & we always will!

At Suplove, we are fully committed to the continued growth & development of this versatile & wonderful sport."

Where We're From

We started as a small business venture & training school on the northern shores of Sydney, Australia in 2008 & have flourished into the fastest-growing independent SUP lifestyle company in the world! A fixture on the worldwide SUP scene, Suplove continues to thrive & garner the love & respect of riders of all levels, from beginner to Pro.

Australian co-founders & owners Matt & Deb Johnston walked away from successful corporate jobs to pursue their passion for SUP. In 2010, they relocated (with their three little girls in-tow) to Surf City USA - aka Huntington Beach, CA - to create Suplove's newest headquarters. The rest is history. With the introduction of new board designs & strategic partnerships, additions to our Pro Riding Team & increased global distribution, we continue to grow & expand every year.

What We Believe

We believe SUP's universal appeal will captivate the world, one paddle at a time!

Whether you live near a lake, river, harbor or ocean... are looking for recreation, exercise or competition... SUP can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, of all ages & fitness levels & in all areas of the world.

The Suplove Difference

When you go Suplove, you get more than just an all-around stellar board (that will, undoubtedly, bring you years of fun)... you also become part of our family. You join a community of like-minded paddlers, bonded by a consuming love for SUP & the magical way it connects us to each other & to the earth. We care about our customers & always want to stay connected. With us, it's personal! We want to support & inspire our customers like we've been supported & inspired by this incredible sport.

Bottom line: Suplove boards are perfect to paddle, wicked to surf and quick on the race-course. Choose the right board for you & let your Suplove journey begin!

Suplove - everyone, everywhere!

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